Ayiti Cherie !!!

Day 1-

Today was beautiful the welcome home at the airport was magnificent! The men were singing playing drums and dancing in Creole I almost cried. It was so vibrant and real. Then the commute to the hotel I will never forget. Now understand I dnt have the words to explain but even thru the struggle I was nothing but willingness, hope, and life in everyone’s eyes. Mixed as if a pair the street vendors and garbage lay side by side. So much color and ppl really outside hustling for real! Trying to make a way trying to figure it out. I never saw anything like this. Definitely humbling. Like for real. I’m talking about stray dogs and goats roaming freely. Naked children! No street signs! No roads paved! No go right! No go left!

Women and children with HUGEEEEE straw hats carrying goods to sell. And while there were variations of uniforms there was also men and women alike just standing around trying to make a way. The realest shit I ever saw. Word. Or maybe Dead ass is more appropriate ❤️🙏🏾

However  the hotel itself .... well resort is beautifullllllll. The view, the mountains, the water, the rooms, the pool, the bar, the customer service. All scores of 10!

Next up was the school and it was nothing like I expected!

So many talented beautiful children thirsty for advice on being a creative professional!

They were so smart, articulate, punctual, neat, well mannered, and my god talented!

It was a Christan school so of course naturally and spiritual I walked in with concerns

But all I saw were beautiful children working hard to have better options because they were choosing a better future for themselves. It was so touching! And then after we all spoke on what was like a panel vibe. They treated us with food cooked by the seniors of the school, and thennnnnn they presented us with traditional dances which still speaks to our mother land Africa and here in Haiti. I cried! All I could find myself thinking about was my grandparents and what it was like growing up in Haiti for them. Watching the young boy and girl dance with so much style and grace! Man I swear words can’t explain what I felt in that moment but just know! It brought tears to my eyes and it was a moment I’ll never forget. Idk of those children will remember us but i am a million percent sure I will forever have a place in my heart for this day and time I spent. Just ugh. #Thankful

Next up was dinner and we went to Lakay restaurant where I felt like I was eating in my grandpas kitchen! The food was so good, and it was so easy to unwind and just “let my hair down” no rules! No expectations! Just lots of laughs and good conversation with women of substance.

Day 2

Today started early! We went to the palace and saw what was left of the ruins. Man was that an experience!

The only history i knew of Haiti was pre the independence but wow it’s so much deeper🙌🏾

Sans Souci was breath taking! Frm the gates to the bedroom where the Emperor once slept. Even learning of his hopes and dreams to make Haiti a better place for the people was inspiring. I learned so much and was completely blown away!

Following the palace we went back to the hotel and chilled out in the pool. The girls and I had a great conversation about different things we could do to help our home. It was truly touching.

Day 3

Imma just share my day 3 thru pics 💗